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Long, gliding strokes with oil gently ease both the mind and muscles into a relaxed state, while promoting circulation and release of feel-good hormones such as epinephrine and dopamine.  Pressure levels in the Swedish range from light to medium.  Deep pressure may be added.

Gentle, relaxing spa-style massage

Swedish Massage

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Aria's signature Therapeutic Fusion massage folds techniques such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, soft tissue mobilization, and deep transverse friction, as well as elements of traditional Thai massage into a Swedish-inspired, soothing, full body oil massage.  Every session is tailored to your unique needs.

A relaxing spa massage fused with the targeted, therapeutic techniques found in Clinical Massage

Therapeutic Fusion Massage


This massage aims to deliver full-body muscular maintenance for those who wish to maximize performance.  It decreases recovery time, increases strength and flexibility, and helps to prevent injury.

Performance Maintenance for Athletes

Sports Massage

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Sometimes called medical massage, orthopedic massage, or therapeutic massage, the clinical massage gets right to the point. The therapist's goal is to find out what is ailing you, and alleviate it. Your clinical massage therapist will use the same trained sensitivity and sophisticated manipulation techniques that go into Aria's signature Therapeutic Fusion, but without the "fluff".  Clothes may remain on, lights at a normal level, no music, but alllll the sweet release of that tension that's been bugging you.

The "just fix me" massage

Clinical Massage


Performed on the floor, utop a cushioned mat, Traditional Thai is both relaxing and energizing.  The therapist moves in time with your breathing (encouraged to be slow and deep), compressing along the energy lines, or meridians, of the body.  The massage therapist uses their body weight and various appendages to move and stretch the client passively.  This modality has been called "lazy man's yoga," since it's like someone else doing yoga for you (to you?). 


We begin with a foot soak to cleanse and relax.

You will be moved, stretched, and compressed methodically by hands, feet, forearms, knees.

Traditional Thai Massage


A Reiki healer acts as a vessel, and channels Universal Life Force Energy or "bioenergy" from the Source into the receiver.  It is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine ideology that energy runs throughout the entire body in channels, providing vitality.  All illness can be found as a variance or blockage in the flow of energy.  Reiki practitioners have trained their sensitivity to this subtle life force energy, in order to feel the energetic body.  Energy healing excels in the area of emotional trauma and chakra imbalance, but is also beneficial for treating pain.  Benefits include clarity of mind, relief of stress and tension, and feelings of lightness or euphoria.


Reiki is not affiliated with any specific religious practice.

Japanese energy healing modality similar to "laying on hands"

Usui Reiki

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In a Reiki Massage session, energy healing will be applied before, after, and during the massage.  Massage technique is customizable to the preferences of the receiver (Therapeutic Fusion recommended).  This modality is especially beneficial for those recovering from physical or emotional trauma.

You guessed it-- Reiki and Massage in one session!

Reiki Massage

Price list
                                                                        60 min    90 min     120 min
Light Modalities                                  ...... $125      ...... $175       ...... $225
deep modalities                                     ...... $140     ...... $200      ...... $250
Traditional Thai                                                     ...... $175      ...... $225
REIKI                                                                           ...... $100/hr
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